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Information for applicants. Read this before applying (Recruitment closed)
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Exclamation Information for applicants. Read this before applying (Recruitment closed)

We have closed the recruitment for the time being. So, don't be surprised if you don't get replies in this section.

ZHG is the Zendar Hunters Guild. We are an international non competitive clan. We like to play, chat and make maps together.

We dont have matches or trainings but we try to play together on one of our servers regularly. We have a set time for this at 7pm BST on Monday and Friday every week. We call these events Lets Play Togethers (LPTs).

To join ZHG you need to be a reasonably active warband player (although how good or bad you are is not important) and you need to be fairly fluent in English. It is also important that you like to chat and play with others. Smile

Applications are managed in 2 stages.

1: You post your app and we will question you as is traditional in ZHG. If you answer well you will be accepted at a wannabee hunter and given access to IRC where you can chat to us all and get to know us more. You will also be allowed to use the tag ZHG_Apprentice_"your name".

2: You will spend between 14 and 30 days as an apprentice depending on how active you are. This is so we can get to know you. After that time, there will be a poll to decide whether you are accepted or rejected. However, if you have not been very active during your trial period, we may vote to extend it until we feel we can make a decision. You will be informed of the result. If accepted, you get the full ZHG tag and access to the whole forum.

Please note that the details of the recruitment process such as the length of the trial period are still being decided by the clan so they may change in the future.

Your application might/should include your:
- In game name
- Steam name (if you use it)
- Real name (optional)
- Why you want to join ZHG
- Other games you like to play/interests
- Age
- Location (optional)

What we expect of apprentices behaviour
As an apprentice you are using the ZHG_Apprentice tag and therefore represent ZHG to the public. You are expect to behaviour in a manor that benefits ZHGs reputation.
1: Respect Admins and their decisions on all servers.
2: Never be abusive towards other players.
3: Avoid foul language and racism.
4: Try to be friendly and helpful to public players especially on ZHG servers. For example if they ask for an admin try to contact one via IRC or steam.

If you are found to have broken any of these rules the most likely outcome is that you will be rejected from ZHG.

The main way we decide on how to accept or reject apprentices is based on how active they are on our IRC (clan chat room)

If you are inactive on IRC, you will probably not be accepted

Good Luck with your application. Tongue
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